travel tips



1. Leave copies of your itinerary, passport data page and visas with family or friends, so that you can be contacted in case of an emergency.

2. Because many shoes have metal in/on them and may therefore require an airport security check, try to pack them last, in corners close to the top of the suitcase.

3. Take time to talk to locals. They will know all the best places to visit and can tell you culture stories that will thrill you.

4. Do things you would never get the opportunity to do at home. Don’t let anything stop you from climbing the harbour bridge in Sydney, bungee jumping in NZ or checking out a bit of Thai boxing … you will regret it afterwards if you don’t take the plunge … never say never.

5. When flying with children, take gum with. Give it to them just as the plane takes off. It will alleviate painful pressure changes as the plane climbs.

6. Take local transport only when you have time on your hands.

7. “Whatever you do, stay up all night (or get up early) to watch the sunrise. The effect differs all over the world – and it’s free.

8. “Take a toilet roll on a long journey. Remove the cardboard out of the centre and flat pack your tissue – you’ll be a much happier (and more comfortable) traveller.”

9. When packing a suitcase for flying, roll your clothes rather than fold them. Not only does it give you more space but they won’t be creased when you arrive at your destination.

10. Visit the local markets to find the ultimate bargain. Plus its loads of fun haggling with the vendors for the best price. Fruit, jewellery, clothes…you name it – you can find it somewhere.