road trip


A road trip is a relatively inexpensive way to take a vacation. Try these ten tips when planning your next toad trip holiday and keep your costs to a minimum.

1. Plan Ahead
This may seem obvious, but an amazing amount of money is wasted due to poor planning. By deciding where to go, what to pack and where to stay, you can make smart spending decisions without the in-the-moment pressure you may have on the road.

2. Go Online
Most locations have tourism sites or websites with heaps of tourist information. You can find out everything you need to know about your destination, get travel tips and find discount coupons for popular destinations.

3. Tune Up Your Car
A well tuned car runs smoother and uses less fuel. You can also save a lot of money and frustration, avoiding costly breakdowns while on the road.

4. Pack Light
Avoid overstuffing your vehicle. More weight costs more fuel. Many places offer laundry facilities, reducing the need for clothes.

5. Visit Tourist Information Centres
These centres not only give you plenty of information about the region you are entering, buy may also provide free maps and coupon books that will save you money.

6. Use Coupons
There is no point collecting coupons if you don’t use them. While a few rands off may not seem like much, it can quickly add up. Be sure to make use of any coupons you find for your intended stops.

7. Try Camping
Hotels cost a lot of money. You can stay at a campground for a fraction of the cost and enjoy a night under stars. Many stores sell inexpensive camping sets for the beginner camper.

8. Eat Out
No, not at restaurants, but outside. Pack lunches, use the kitchenette in your hotel room or cook dinner over an open fire or on a grill. By bringing food with you and restocking at local grocery stores you can save a ton of money.

9. Bring Drinks
While it may not seem much at first, the cost of buying drink gets expensive. By using refillable containers you can stretch a jug of juice into four or more individual drinks. This adds up to a huge saving in the long run.

10. Enjoy Nature
While you will of course want to stop at the odd paid tourist attraction, natural wonders are usually free for your enjoyment. Take advantage of scenic lookouts, nature trails and any other free attractions along your route. It will give you a break from the car and hours of cost-free entertainment.

While holidays naturally cost money, planning makes all the difference.