Why aren’t you living your ideal life?

What is holding you back? Are you bugged down by debt, phobia’s, bad relationships you will not face up too, your past mistakes or are you in such a rut that you cannot even begin to see a starting point? Well, that is what I am giving you here, a starting point. If fear is what is holding you back, then it is time to face that fear.

1. List the Large Obstacles Currently Holding You Back
Write down the five big things that are seriously stopping you from changing your life now. First, I truly hope you do not have five but if you do have five or more, you simply have a bigger plot of land to clear. When I say “big things”, I am not talking about procrastination because procrastination is simply a dealing mechanism. It is simply a tool you use so you don’t have to face your fear. I am not talking about things like clearing clutter either; we are digging deeper than that, because all these things are “effects” we are looking for the “cause”. So, I am talking about a pending lawsuit, crippling debt, bad credit, bad relationships, illness: the big things. I realize that what might be big for you might not be for others but a fear is a fear.

2. Review Each Item on the List
Look at each item and take time out to think, “What is the worst that can happen?” Please do not write this part down. Just think it in your head for a quick minute (if you wan to know why check out Law of Attraction), the last thing you need is to have the “Universe” catch on to that little ditty. Here is the big, big thing you need to understand; the worst thing that can happen is the thing you are going to have to deal with now. Brace yourself, more often than not, is it not always that bad.

3. So, You Know the Worst That Can Happen Is, Now What?
You now need to figure out what you will do or what can happen to you in the worst-case scenario. Do you need to file bankruptcy, do you need to pull up your bootstraps and take the next two years to keep on top of your payments and fix your bad credit, do you need to start planning to leave that relationship safely, or do you need to face the judge. When you look at things this way, it does not seem as bad. Why? Because, these are all things you can put actionable steps to and take control of the issue. People survive bankruptcy, look at Donald Trump or even closer to home your neighbor down the road…

The point I am trying to make here is that facing your fear a lot of time is fear of the outcome, but if you come up with a solution to face the outcome then you have conquered your fear.
The worst-case scenario happening is rare. However, the rewards you gain from facing your fear far outweigh living in fear. What is worst is that you may end up realizing that your life may have been completely different if you had taken care of the problem a long time ago.
I do not mean to simplify your problems or the things you are afraid of, but you must master that fear because the only person it is keeping down, is you.